Rowing across the Atlantic(2001)
Log book
  Cruising China's coast and Yangtze River (2002)
  Kayaking China's islands (2005)
  Re-enacting the early China trade (2005)
  I want to Yantu!
  The Yantu Project was a private entry into the 2001 Ward Evans Cross Atlantic
  Rowing Race organised by Christian Havrehed.
  The objectives of the project were to live a personal
  dream, showcase international understanding by using a
  Sino-Danish crew, and fundraise for Mainland Chinese
  students to provide them with international education.
  Despite lacking rowing experience Sun Haibin and Christian finished 8th out of
  36 teams, completing the 5,000km unsupported row across the Atlantic Ocean
  in 56 days. The fact that they are still friend after having been stuck together,
  alone and unsupported, under extreme circumstances on a seven-meter long
  boat for the duration of the race demonstrates that cross-cultural cooperation
  is indeed possible as long as both sides are willing to trust and cooperate.
    Sun Haibin became the first Chinese (and Asian)
     to row across an Ocean.
    As a result Sun Haibin was nominated for China
     Sportsman of the Year in 2001.
    The boat "Yantu" became the first Chinese (and
     Asian) rowing boat to successfully cross an
    Christian Havrehed became the first Dane to
     row across an Ocean.
    A total of US$88,620 was raised in scholarships
     to provide international education for Mainland
     Chinese students.